Buyable Pins – An Enhanced Experience of Shopping With Pinterest

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is social website to discover ideas for making projects and interests. Pinterest has 70 million users worldwide. Pinterest introducing buyable pins for shopping with Pinterest. There is Millions of users are waiting for this new features. I am going to explore about this brand new feature in quickie as follows:

Buy It Button for Shop Product

Buy it button or Buyable pins give the people shop products without leaving PInterest Application. You can discover millions of handpicked products with this new feature. You can identify the buyable pins with its blue color and with Buy It Button. For example when you spot a Pin with blue price, you will be able to know it is buyable. You can swipe through different colors if listed product containing more than products and styles.

Secure Checkout Option for Mobiles

Buyable pins works seamless on mobile; they will help you to sale the sale right when you want to shop anything from it. Everyone can place order with their mobile devices that based on IOS and Android Platform. You can pay online as well as ecommerce website using Credit Cards, Visa, American Express, Instant Google Wallet from Google Inc, and Debit Cards etc.

An Enhanced Shopping Experience

Buyable Pins is a great way to reach shoppers and make sales free! Buyable pins still lets you control the shopping experience the way you have since on e commerce websites. This includes track your shipping info and better customer services for the users. In addition, retailers can sell their products on Pinterest and collect payments online as well as secured transaction facility.

How do you get started?

In addition to providing best storefront, model PInterest working with two notable e-commerce platforms known as Shopify, and DemandWare. If your business using Shopify, just log onto your account and enable pins for shop in few clicks.

If you are using DemandWare to accelerate your store, you can get buyable pins shortly within a week. For more updates about this feature follow this blog and bookmark this page.

“Sell Products on Pinterest with Buy It Button”


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