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Most of the Android Smartphone’s now come with an option to auto reply via SMS when you missed a call. Now, android app can do that with WhatsApp messages as well, thanks to a clever new app called Can’t Talk. Cant-Talk-ScreenshotThis app works as you’d expect: set up a custom message, select the apps you want to use this with, and toggle auto-reply on. When somebody pings you on your selected apps, it’ll automatically send out your custom text and let you know the task’s been taken care of with a silent notification.

It works even with group chats – which are both consent and a curse, since it’ll reply on your behalf with an unnecessary ‘Sorry I can’t reply just now.’ You’ll be hearing about that one from your colleagues or college buddies, whoever you’re stuck in a group conversation with, for a while.

To be clear: you can indicate how long the app should wait before it auto-replies to the same sender again, and it’s set to 15 minutes by default. So no, it won’t reply to every incoming message on a group chat on its own, and you can prevent that issue by increasing that time interval.

Can’t Talk is Android App also promise to auto-reply in additional apps like Telegram and Slack, but I couldn’t get it to work on those apps. As for WhatsApp, I’d surely want more grainy control over which conversations it replies to (or to be able to reject group chats from auto-replies), and a timer to automatically disable the app – but those features aren’t existing yet in this beta version.

Still, it’s handy for those who use WhatsApp frequently. There’s a free trial for 15 days, after which you’ll have to divide over either INR 85 ($1.30) for a year’s subscription or INR 150 ($2.30) to unlock the lifetime plan. Obviously, the app needs more improvement before it’s going to be perfect, but at least you can auto-reply successfully without having to wait for WhatsApp to develop this feature.

Give Can’t Talk a try by grabbing it from Google Play.

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  1. I’ve noticed that my phone offers me pre-set texts when I check a missed call – I had no idea it was this sophisticated. I’ll check it out properly now because this is a feature I think I’ll really make a lot of use of!

  2. I don’t have an android device but this looks like an interesting app. I don’t know if I’d want something like this as I figure everyone knows I’ll get back with them when I am available.

  3. YAY! I have an android device and never could figure out how my friends were doing auto-reply messages! I knew there was a setting that would do this on an iPhone, but I am more of an Android kinda girl so I will definitely be using this. Thanks again!

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  5. Wow, erm I didnt even now that this option was available. I’ll have to explore this option cause before I just used to turn off all the notifications or mute chats

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