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Information security typically involves physical and digital security method to protect data from unauthorized access, vulnerability, replication or destruction. These methods can include mantraps, encryption key management, network intrusion detection systems, password policies and regulatory compliance. A security audit may be conducted to estimate the organization’s ability to maintain secure systems against a set of conventional criteria.

Threats to sensitive and personal information come in various forms, such as malware and phishing attacks, identity theft and ransomware. To prevent attackers and mitigate vulnerabilities at various points, multiple security controls are implemented and synchronized as part of a layered defense in depth strategy. This should minimize the risk of an attack. To be prepared for a security breach, security groups should have an incident response plan (IRP) in organisation. This security measures should allow them to limit the damage, eliminate the cause and apply updated defense controls.

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MongoDB Database
One the major security news stories of 2017 was of a ransomware alternative targeting improperly secured MongoDB Database instances. Here it is in a nutshell: some users of MongoDB by mistake left their databases bare to the internet without any authentication. Predictably, some online ne’er-do-wells determined to take advantage of this, stealing and deleting databases, before leaving a ransom note...
Wireless Security System
Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef shared serious wireless security system vulnerability in the WPA2 encryption protocol. Most devices and routers currently rely on WPA2 for encryption of your WiFi traffic, so probability are high you’re affected. But before any discussion, let’s clarify what an attacker can and cannot do using the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. The attacker can seize some of the...
Hacking Station
Browsing throughout the Reddit not so long before, my eyes immovable sight of an interesting project called SpyPi: An (un)ethical hacking station exclusively intended to educate people about the importance of data security by putting them in the shoes of the invader. What impressed me more even though was that, in spite of the difficulty and scope of the project,...
Best VPN
What is Great Firewall? Before travelling to China, one should know about the Great Firewall. It is used to filter and censor different websites. These websites may contain some politically sensitive content. Few restricted social media websites in China are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. There are many other websites and app which are not allowed to operate in China....
Locky Ransomware
Security researchers are warning of a new 'Locky Ransomware' which is major crypto-ransomware campaign that has been attacked 20 million user inboxes so far. The threat, revealed in the second half of this week, arrives as other similar ransomware attacks do in the form of an unsolicited email. That email is itself spoofed to come from a legitimate source and the...

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