Find Cash Dispensing ATM at Your Nearest Location with CMS info System Tool


Due to currency manipulation in India, peoples are standing in queue to withdraw cash from ATM. The struggle is still they are unable to find the working ATM machine. That will be the first win for the average citizens before she/he starts queuing up and hoping that cash is waiting for them in the ATM. There are many peoples these days struggling to find ATM with cash in virtual world along with social media websites.

Now, CMS info system, is one of the prime company to managing ATMS in India, has created an amazing tool that can help you to find the machine that is able to dispensing cash now. For more details visit at
It is also helps to send feedback for down ATMS so, that they can fill with cash by team of cash logistics department. The company has created the CMS ATM Finder for finding ATMs down and working status.

This tool fully tested in Delhi and found dozens of ATMs is running out of cash. However, the tool is only serving information that listed in their company. It has only larger banks like ICICI, Axis and SBI but HDFC is not listed which is another big player in banking era.

Meanwhile, the government has announced that the cap on withdrawing money from ATMs has been revised to 2500 per day with effective from Monday. In addition, the alteration to take the new notes and accommodate more RS 100 notes rather than dispensing RS 2000 and RS 500 notes.


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