Top Keyword Research Tools To Redefine Your Content Strategy in 2018

Keywords Research Tool

It is a crucial tool for the planning of marketing strategy and enhances SEO. Search Engines are in the commendation of addictive content but you won’t lavish enough traffic for website if you don’t include keywords and phrases that peoples are interested to searching for. Because there are plenty of keyword tools that are confusing which is fruitful for gathering huge audience for website? But fortunately we exists in the vigorous company where innovation is the key what we do. We have sliced some delightful keyword research tools as follows:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool is combination ofthe two notable existing Google Adwords and Google Keyword Tool. Google has included some new features in this tool like forecast and save keywords list in .xls and .csv formats, nearby, location setting, country settings and much more.

Google Trends

Google Trends is superlative tools for developing marketing procedures. It is a widespread net solution of Google Inc. starting point on Google search, that manifest frequent individual search term is entered relevant to the total search volume covering diverse regions in the sphere and in diverse speeches.

Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence is an introducing robust tool that helps you create tough online campaign on the Microsoft platform. It is also allowing users to append add-in in the well-known Microsoft excel interface for keyword research and performance analysis for Yahoo & Bing Network and export keywords lists.

WordStream Keyword Tool

WordStream Keyword Tool is an introducing an API (Application Programming interface) for SEO and SEM. In this tool has one of the incomparable constituent which is notable as non-stop procedure of keywords suggestion. It is divergent from Google Adwords keyword tool because it manifests PPC competition but WordStream is manifesting only SEO competition.

Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Tool

WordTracker make it easier to discover high performance and fruitful keywords for your online and offline business.Wordtracker’s keyword research tool has built-in function for compiling best keyword collection from the database which is easily accessible via API (Application Programming interface) and reports.

SEO Book Keyword Research Tool

It is a free keywords tool which is assisting you to find keywords on the basis of combined words and phrases entered by the user.SEO Book Keyword Toolis also offers a rough data on daily searches by market from Google, Yahoo and Bing search data centers.


Ubbersuggest is an impressive tool for keywords research and discover new keyword ideas. It is also helps to realize what peoples searched on the Google. It is easy to use just put single word and gets thousands of keyword ideas from the daily search terms as same like Google search suggestion.

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Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is a tool which helps you with keyword research and competitors analysis. It is also helpful for getting reliable, quick and realistic results. Its key use of is collecting keyword ideas from on site  content of top and trending search pages, PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign.


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