Blue Reflection is The Best Japanese School Girls Game Released Today


Japanese School Girl Game Released Yesterday, Blue Reflection is a discovery of the relationships young women create and the growth that comes from sharing personal experiences with friends, all in the form of a stylish magical girl role-playing game. The game beats the hell out of ninjas in bikinis with water guns.

It’s extremely strange that couple of weeks for Japanese games in the West. We have Danganronpa V3, the latest entry in Spike Chunsoft’s high school murder adventure game. Then there is a Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, chest-bouncing ninja action series, a spin-off of Tamsoft’s clothes-ripping, in that the high school ninjas take turns spraying each other with impenitent suggestion involving moisture.

Blue Reflection is developed by Gust, offers a immensely more realistic look at the life of young women. Blue ReflectionThe game stars Hinako Shirai, a student returning to school after a long absence. Previously, an incredibly proficient ballet dancer, an injury leaves Hinako unable to dance. She isn’t in a very good position when she arrives at Hoshinomiya Girls High School; conquer with her own emotions and those of her classmates.

But Hinako soon discovers, she has a unique way to deal with these extensive emotions. She is a Reflector, a person with the ability to enter the collective, a comparable dimension powered by emotional energy. She itself and her new friends, Lime and Yuza, both are transforming into powerful magical girls capable of capturing emotions and harnessing their ultimate power. Blue Reflection GirlsThe crucial duty of a Reflector is to protect the authentic world from the Sephira, massive creatures capable of transcending the barriers between extents.
Blue Reflection TimelineBut none of the problem is as immense as a Sephira. Sometimes a classmate finds themselves crippled by irresistible feelings of weakness or hopelessness. Even positive emotions such as enjoyment can grow out of control. At a time like these Hinako and friends can take a quick outing into the Common and work things out.

The battle system starts off quite basic. Allies and enemies turns around using attacks or abilities. A meter at the top of the screen display player and creature icons that gradually move inward. When it’s reach at the centre, then player start act. Certain abilities can push foes advance down the line, delaying their actions. It’s a pleasant little system.

As luxuriant and stunning as the magical world of the Common can be, Hinako’s interactions with her classmates in the realistic world are like, that’s really amusing. Much like protagonists in the Persona sequence, Hinako spends her living to navigating school life, building bonds and meeting new friends. She helps people deal with their thoughts and feelings, exactly that they do the same for her, helping her trounce the miasma she’s been under since her wound took ballet away.

Blue Reflection is at its best when the two worlds smash together. At certain level early in the game, Hinako is challenged for a swimming competition by a well-sense but domineering classmate.

In the middle of the fierce contest her Reflector powers activate, and she finds herself in the Common (fortunately time stops in the real world when she along with her friends enter the alternate dimension). After some thorough and a few monster battles, she finds her opponent’s portion, a section of feeling shaped by strong emotion.HInako FriendShipAbsorbing the portion into herself, she gains insight into her opponent’s reasonable spirit. There is no malice, just the joy of challenging with a worthy opponent. Back in the real world the competition ends, but a new friendship is just started.

Now, Blue Reflection is only available now for PC via Steam. Check out the official website for more info.

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  1. Yeah for the girls! I don’t know if I’m more excited theres a game for girls to play or just one with them in. I think more games need to be created to represent a little bit of everyone.

  2. I used to really be into anime and this subtly reminds me of Sailor Moon a little bit. Looks like a cool game for gamers and anime lovers.

  3. My daughter is only six and still plays toddler games. However, it seems like there is the costume component to the game that allows her to outfit the character’s clothes. I think she will enjoy this part of the game for now.

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