Content Strategy

As we swiftly travel through the first quarter of 2020, many types of content that were relevant a month ago, time has devalued their relevancy. That is how complicated content marketing can be. It is ever evolving and changing. That includes content, strategy, and what the audience demands. According to a study, one of the primary challenges of content marketers is making fresh content. Which is why a content strategy is important.

However, a content strategy does not just deal with you are going to write. It involves who you are going to write for, and how you are going to get it to them. Whether you want to create a Wikipedia page, or make a viable social media profile. A proper content marketing strategy is pivotal in a successful digital marketing campaign. However, these are the type of strategies required for a successful content marketing venture.

Content Planning

Content planning allows you to map-out how you are going to write, dispense and maintain the content. It goes through many stages before putting words on the paper. First, it involves extensive research, including finding the right keywords. This allows content writers to utilize those keywords into relevant topics. However, that comes much later, as identifying useful keywords requires time and dedication.

First, you need to conduct research regarding effective keywords. This includes long and short tail keywords that prove useful in SEM (search engine marketing). Later on, the research for the right type of audience is exemplary. Because you cannot write content without knowing whom you are writing it for. Therefore, the importance of identifying your audience sits right atop alongside finding the right keywords.

Secondly, creating a schedule about how you are going to distribute your work is imperative. In other words, a content calendar. It does not just help with managing the content; it allows you to see the bigger picture. Including how you are going to utilize the resources in the long-term. Additionally, it helps share the workload and helps you maintain reputation.

Content Writing

Once a plan is afoot, the primary stage of content writing occurs. Keep in mind, content that will render your strategy useful or useless. Therefore, it is important to conduct research regarding the topics you are going to write. You can divide content writing in three stages, or with three people (assuming you work with a team).

  1. Research.
  2. Writing.
  3. Proofreading and editing.

Research for the type of content you are going to write is essential. Considering if you want to create a Wikipedia profile, the content would require shrewd information and accurate source citation. Whereas content for social media must be user-friendly and interactive. Nevertheless, the primary benefit of research is that it saves you from unwanted plagiarism.

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Writing requires an acute understanding of the English language, of course. However, you will write differently according to regions and their regulated English. Nevertheless, ensure writing in active voice rather than passive. It makes readers understand the idea you are trying to portray better. Proofreading the body of text regulates detaching yourself from what you write. If you cannot afford a proofreader then ensure you do it correctly.

Importance of Key Performance Indicator

You need to emphasize on your essentials, aka the key performance indicators. In content writing, it is necessary to emphasize on the type of content that helps you achieve the kind of goals you desire. It includes the topics of article you write that draw more audience compared to other topics. Which is why it is important to strategize your content in a way that prioritizes your KPIs. Not only will that help you gather new audience, it will turn your current readers into loyal visitors.


A content marketing campaign without a proper strategy is like a construction of a building without any development blue print. Therefore, ensuring your content marketing strategy is a viable one holds the utmost importance in the digital world. Not only does it help you understand your market better, it also provides feasible understanding of the direction you are headed. It allows one to make timely changes and differentiate their approach from existing and established marketers. In conclusion, keep all of the mentioned essentials in mind and devise your content marketing strategy accordingly.