Today i am gonna solve this challenge for you to complete the unit of Data Management. You can easily grab 500 points to your trailblazer ranking. You may also facing the error similar to the one, i have mentioned below.

I am getting trailhead Challenge error while completing below doing “Use the Data Import Wizard”  Challenge / Verify Step”. Tried it in two different Playgrounds and successfully imported the Leads data into the both Playgrounds. I see import job is successful and new Leads data is visible in Playgrounds.

You can easily import external data into Salesforce. Supported data sources include any program that can save data in the comma delimited text format (.csv).

Salesforce offers two main methods for importing data.

  • Data Import Wizard—this tool, accessible through the Setup menu, lets you import data in common standard objects, such as contacts, leads, accounts, as well as data in custom objects. It can import up to 50,000 records at a time. It provides a simple interface to specify the configuration parameters, data sources, and the field mappings that map the field names in your import file with the field names in Salesforce.
  • Data Loader—this is a client application that can import up to five million records at a time, of any data type, either from files or a database connection. It can be operated either through the user interface or the command line. In the latter case, you need to specify data sources, field mappings, and other parameters via configuration files. This makes it possible to automate the import process, using API calls.

Steps to Import data using the Data Import Wizard.

Download a CSV file that contains contact data, and import it using the Data Import Wizard. 

  • Download this CSV file by right-clicking and selecting “Save Link As”. Make sure you save it as a CSV (.csv) file, and not a text (.txt) file. You don’t need to use Excel.
  • Use the Data Import Wizard to import the file:
    • Kind of data: Accounts and Contacts
    • Type of import: Add new records
      • Match Contact by: Name
    • Where is your data located?: CSV
      • File: Choose File
      • Character Code: ISO-8859-1 (the default)
      • Values Separated by: Comma
    • Map all fields:
      • FNAME to Contact: First Name
      • LNAME to Contact: Last Name
      • CELL to Contact: Mobile

After mapping fields you can complete this challenge.

500 Points Data Import


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