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Facebook is secretly testing a feature that lets users to find other people to play games with them.

Some users have reported considering a new icon, ‘Find Players,’ in the box used to compose statuses and posts. From that we can inform, this is relatively bare-bones. The things you’d expect from such a feature — like integration with PSN (Play Station), Steam, or Xbox Live — aren’t present. Instead, you’re encouraged to give your team a name, a description, a hashtag, and optionally, a photo. Play GamesThe major advantage for this feature is that it could allow those individuals to organize a team games for titles that don’t essentially have a fleshed-out multiplayer component. After appearance of the feature, the first game that comes to mind is Pokemon Go, where you can participate in Raid Battles, but the exploration and catching feature of the game isn’t quite as collaborative. In this instance, I can imagine somebody using the “Find Players” feature to tell their connections that they’ve put down a lure, for example.

I can also see this being used to arrange card and tabletop games — like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

According to TNW’s Head of Social, Matt Navarra, small-scale trials of this new feature have been tested around as early as October. Currently, Facebook is testing it on groups that are centred on videogames. Navarra was able to access the feature by creating such a group.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for more information. If we hear back from the Facebook team, we’ll update this post for more clarification.

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