Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is powerful source or data center which is based on Cloud. The cloud is just a Metaphor for the internet. Cloud technology is used to storing and accessing data and programs over the web instead of your computer’s hard drive. This is also facilitating to techies who cannot store everything on their personal computers or laptops. Therefore, cloud technology enables companies to use computer resources as a utility just like electricity rather than building in-house computing infrastructures. Cloud computing providers offer their service according to several fundamental models. These Computing services referred as IaaS (infrastructure as Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). I am here to discuss about two cloud platforms, which is better?

Difference between Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud Platform both are providing Cloud technology. Google’s Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud based services that allows you to develop, and deploy any type of application from simple websites to complex application. On the other hand, IBM Cloud Platform lets you build application across multiple domains on the single environment.

Unmatched Services

Google Cloud Platform offering cloud services includes Virtual Machines, Managed Platform, MySQL Database, and Big Data Analytics. Using Google APIs, services is quickly enable a wide range of functionalities, and easily integrated with your application without scratch. In the case of IBM Cloud Platform is little different, with the IBM Cloud Solutions, You can gain speed and flexibility according to demanding business dynamics. You can build affordable business models, with highly innovative ideas, rich user experience and make better decision for business. IBM Cloud Platform provides wide range of cloud solutions for large and small business that are including Analytics, Big Data, Enterprise App Infrastructure, DevOps, IT Management Services, Mobile App Development, Hybrid Integration, Gaming, Social and email, Security, Marketing and Social etc.


Google’s infrastructure helps you to maintain on screen latency meters, CPU, memory, disk performance. Google using software technology that working based on worldwide network. Their virtual machine never goes down for scheduling maintenance or you can migrate your applications through in-built migration technology. In Case of IBM Cloud Platform you can easily communicate with their technical team for any solution which is available anytime anywhere. You can load your application in real time environment.

Support System

Google’s Cloud Platform providing various supporting options according to user needs. This based on free community based chatting and calling system. However, IBM Cloud Platform is providing best supporting services with their priority cloud customer care contact and email services. You can get rapidly response within few hours or call directly to their expert staff.


According to research, IBM Cloud Platform is rapidly growing in the international market, which increased 75% over year in resulting. Its total revenue $7.7 Billion in the last twelve months in the end of 2015’s first quarter. However, Google Cloud Platform is dropping in the last twelve months than IBM Cloud Computing. Moreover, its existing admin are going to migrate their platform with others.


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