Apps designing is not just a design it should be more elegant, intuitive, and user friendly to get user engagement. What professionals do have is a speed at which they make decision to building an application. That is the moment where they can use their expertise to capture interest of the market and building incredible apps. One of the strict rules set for designers to help users to ride their bikes quickly. When it comes to designing a mobile app, UI (User Interaction) and UX (User Experience) both are playing vital role that you cannot ignore before launching your application. It is crucial to understand the behavior of your targeted market prior is going ahead with any application development project. Irrespective time spend to designing an application, failure to focus on UI/UX design that can affect your apps credibility. This is called “Bad user experience.” It is mandatory to keep in mind while designing mobile application.

So here are the tips are listed as follows for killer mobile apps designing.

Everything Exists on a Grid

Everything is available on grid surface. You might not be able to see all but there is a guide for you. IPhone Apps Grid

Spacing and Structure Implement

The moment when a word, a spacing of lines onto canvas/monitor /screen, you have to define your margins and padding. App StructureEvery stroke describes the space you will have to work with. Not more than 60 pixels wider and 20 pixels higher have a good reason behind it. Nothing should be the same

Color Ladders

Color combination used to denote the purpose of application. Let us start with black and gray scale. If you make one button black, the next should be gray and third should be light gray what you are in effect saying is this: “Button is one of the most important to the users, button 2 is less important and button 3 is least important.” Color is also works on developing customer relationship with brand in precise yet effective ways. One another good tips avoid to creating “buy” and other call to action buttons in red as that meaning is to stop is USA, Canada and other countries.Color Copied Screen It is actually prevents users from clicking on that buttons. For instance once I was working with team of software developers and they have created confirm button with red we later replaced with green button and increased click two folds.

Red means halt process “stuck, don’t do it, are you sure? Warning!” being aware of all those things will help you to reach your goals without any obligation.

Color is not related to like or dislike, it is about the brand

Brand is focused on the emotional relationship with your customers and customers have with your products and services. Colors help describe that relationship in subtle yet effective ways. You do not have to depend upon color for increasing brand presence in virtual and physical world.

Logos add style but they do not make or break

A brand can make clients as much as client make brand. A logo cannot define your brand popularity but poorly designed brand logo will reflect poorly on your business. Logo is timeless as per market research, it might be revamped according to change in trends.

Page Title of Applications

Screen title in websites are extremely great way to remind users where they were interacted after opening multiple tabs on their browser and do not recall the content. In App this area is taking precious space and real estate is extremely expensive than other states in USA. Alternatively, that space converted into search bar where user can access data easily.

Define Elements of an App

If you are going to design green button then go with the same. If one screen is 40px then all should manage this space with consistently. App Screen ElementsThis is what it means to define elements in App.

Layout Design Selection

There are thousands of library to help you find your perfect platform for designing an applications as follows: App Layout

Action and Feedback System

Most of the users and testers are always waiting to write feedback of your application. So, feedback of an app is very important to improve performance your applications. Every feedback should be count as action point to make it more interactive.  Think about it how it works in web design. FeedBackWhen user hovers on button, it change color or behavior and then again changes. This should occur in mobile as well.

Extend Signup

Offer sign up on a single page, Have a user registration user like, or heart an item allow then to engage first. Some of users frequently use signup form because they don’t want to fill all the details in once. So, it should be not restricted to the users for register it could be extended for while user interact with the app.