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Getting website traffic is not a filled with complexities but if you are doing everything in a ways. Increasing traffic means generating more leads for your business, and website. One of great way to increase website traffic is to share your content on social media more than once. There are so many possible ways to double your traffic.Increase Website TrafficI am going to discuss about this topic in detail.Increasing your potential to generate traffic is much easier than hiring a full time sales executive. Investing in Digital Outreach lets you grow your brand and help your website to generate more leads and sales. Here’s all the techniques listed as follows.

Audience Approach

Knowing your audience is the key to success for every business. So, think like audience that you want to target for your business. Before you say it or write it, think about the readers and listeners. How do they want to hear it or read it?

Identify them first; the absolute way to learn about the community is to figure out who your business’ target audience is – on and offline. Be as specific as possible. For example, is he/she wealthy, single, or living in the urban area who loves Shoes?

Once you have this person in mind, it will be easier to identify the potential customer you are connecting to him/her via social media.

Keywords Research

None of the traffic- boosting strategies will open your flood for traffic unless you have proper keywords research. The fact is, most of the people go to the keyword suggestion tools, start searching some keywords, see that they’re in High Competition / Search volume and decide to tough it out anyways and playing in the same leagues as competitors who have a lot of money to throw at Google Adwords.

The right way to do keyword researches first ask yourself how you relevant pages are matching with your keywords.

Generic words like “Cheap Hotels” and “Flights to Canada” are extremely competitive and even if you are providing both services, aren’t exactly the best choices for doubling your traffic.

Instead of searching that your users would, type in that would make them delighted and thankful to find your website. Example might include “Cheap hotels for family” and “flights to Canada under $1500”. 

This insubstantial balance between generic versus is the sweet spot for keyword research, and only that many online marketer continue to strive through adjusting their campaigns, targets and other aspects.

Set a Daily Writing Schedule

It is not much complex for regular writing as well as you is eating your daily meals. Because until you hold yourself as an accountable to that schedule, you will become the victim of either two possible collapses: Starting at a blank screen for hours and pressure building up with something that’s nowhere near the worth you know you can produce. Or

Spending more time to think why you cannot possibly, writing today and one day turn in to the next, then next and so on.

Create free Giveaway for Subscribers

Many people create free giveaways for building their email newsletters- but some of them taking time to construct a great giveaway that people want, that somehow improves their business because of results getting it.

Remember, Peoples are not sign up for receive spam emails. They are signup because they believe you can help them with their business problems. Alternatively, they can ask questions.

Create Social Media Pages for Business

This is the most important part of traffic building because more than 80% of peoples are connect through the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more. Nevertheless, if you are thinking you will never have enough content to share on social media. The longer you wait, the more time you are giving to your competition. People can like and comment on the other popular brands they also dealing with the same problem. Make sure yours is first.

A big mistake that mostly companies doing them creating social media accounts but they do not have enough time to share content on their pages. Take time for creating popular social media accounts and update them on regular basis. Major social networks including:

Create custom background images for covers and profile images.

Start Q&A Discussions

Quora is a question answer website where you can ask questions related to your business and vote on answers. A yahoo answer is optional for interacting with the new users.

Post Interlinking

Google and Bing Sitemaps is great starting point to make sure both search engines can index all of your website pages. Take some time to interlink your posts using bookmarks, feed submission, commenting, on the blogs that related to your business category. This will helps to increase the length of time spent on website, its turn into affect Google’s measurement of relevancy toward to your website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one the finest way to reach audience that matters for your business. It is also helps to increase your email subscribers. Unfortunately, people following this method to filling spam box of the users who following for solving problems instead of useful giveaway.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing helps you to increase your website traffic from referrals. You can get huge traffic from these resources includes facebook advertisement, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Plus business marketing, Yelp page promotion etc. All those social media pages help to increase your website traffic.


Thousands of peoples researching everyday for increasing website traffic but everyone is not able implement these methodologies. Because it takes, time and clients are always putting pressure on the business developers. End of the day they are always willing to success in the global market.

                                    “Patience is the key to get better search engine results”


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