Internet Speed Test by Ookla is one of the most sophisticated tools for test mobile and broadband speed. Speed test holds the global standard of internet connection testing. You can perform ping test, download and upload speed with this software, Once your speed test is done you can share your internet speed test with your friends on social networks and compare your results.

Appearing over 50 million assessments each month, Speedtest is the global general in net connection testing. to be had on the internet and at the IPhone and Android platforms, the facts gathered powers Speed Test awards wherein you may browse top bandwidth pace through united states of america. Discover which Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Mobile Networks are best in locations throughout the world.
Mobile Apps.
Speed Test is also available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can easily measure your WiFi and cellular connection speed.

Steps to test broadband connections

1. Visit at
2. Then Begin Test
3. After that it will automatically select nearest server.
4. Then First Ping Test, Download Speed and Upload Speed,
That is the speed of my airtel 3G Cellular Network. You can test your own broadband and mobile network connection by downloading Ookla Speed Test Application.