iPhone X is already the most expensive Smartphone Apple has ever announced.

And now scalpers are cashing in on the hype by hawking the much-anticipated iPhone X on eBay at overstated prices.

News Corp Australia searched on eBay today and found the popular iPhone X listed for a surprising $8000. iPhone X Order

Other iPhone X models were listed for $6000, $5000, $4500, $3200 and for more than $2000.

For the top model, the authentic phone retails for $1829 in Australia.

In a other countries, sites including TechSpot.com have found iPhone X phones being auctioned on eBay for between $20,000 and $60,000. iPhone XMany fans of Apple’s new Smartphone may be tempted to believe buying the iPhone from eBay given Apple has been covered with pre-orders for the iPhone X.

Some of the listings on eBay could also fake, and consumers are being warned to be aware of those products too.

Some Apple customers have been less than impressed as they face an extensive wait for their Smartphones.

Even Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has recently publicized he will not be buying the iPhone X at launch.

“I’m just worried about what it provides me,” Wozniak told CNBC.

“I’d rather wait and watch that one, and I’m happy with my iPhone 8…which is the similar as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6.”

CNBC reports Mr Wozniak also expressed apprehension that new features on the iPhone X such as Face ID would work the way they are designed to.

The technology giant Apple launched pre-orders sale in Australia on Saturday.

Angry patrons took to social media, complaining that they had been told shipping times for their new Apple devices would be around four to five weeks.

Other fans complained about problems in getting into the Apple store to pre-order the phone.

Choice representative Stefanie Menezes told News Corp Australia that customers who were desperate to get the iPhone X must do their assignments before bidding for one on eBay.

“It can be very tempting to shell out extra money for the latest tech gadget on the market but consumers should do their assignments before parting with their hard-earned cash,” she said.

Ms Menezes also warned customers that while they might be guaranteed to acquire the phone on time, it might not be the best deal on offer.

“Just because there’s a lot of advertise doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get a great deal through third-party sellers,” she said.

“If you can’t manage to pay for an early purchase, you might be better off waiting till the product goes on sale through the official retailer.”

She also said online store shoppers can follow these important tips:

*Check the seller’s contact details and look for proof of a physical address and phone number

*Read the terms and conditions on the website, and check the seller’s policy on refunds and returns

*Make sure you know exactly how much you’re going to pay before leaving with your cash, look at shipping costs and any additional fees.

*If you’re trading products from overseas, consider the exchange rate and think about whether there is any compatibility or product safety complications

“If things gone wrong, you can try to get a charge-back as soon as possible, if they purchased via credit card or seek a refund via PayPal’s dispute process,” Ms Menezes said.

“Consumers can also resolve the trouble through Ebay’s internal dispute resolution process.”

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  1. I would never pay this much for a phone. I can see those people that have to have the latest gadget paying that much. It better be an amazing phone for that price.

  2. WHAT!! That’s insane! But people pay it, so I guess not really lol Actually might be somewhat genius… I’m not an apple fan honestly, I think they are a little overated and stuff like this just makes me think it more lol But these tips will definitely help the buyer make sure they are making a wise buying decision!

  3. $8000 for a phone. Definitely not my type of party but I am pretty sure that many people will enjoy it because Apple makes great phones. I hope the camera on this one is better than the last.

  4. I’m the first to say that I love new technology, but I still use an iPhone 5s and 6 would be probably as high as I would go now. I just can’t believe phones go for that much.

  5. That is insane! I still have my iPhone 6, it is really crazy what kind of gimmick these phones are. I would never pay that kind of money!

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