League of Legends Shares Evelynn’s Reworked Gameplay in Champion Teaser


In a quick release following the champion teaser for League of Legends Evelynn previously on Saturday, a mystery trailer for the champion’s rework is already revealed previews some of the shadowy assassin’s abilities.

The champion trailer moves quickly though, and while it doesn’t break down all of her creature abilities and their descriptions, spectators can get a pretty good feel for a couple of different gameplay elements that Evelynn looks to enclose now. With some recurring abilities and some new tricks up her scanty clothing’s nonexistent sleeves, the back-to-back teasers for Evelynn make it seem as though a full descriptions of her abilities will be exposed soon.

The teaser for Evelynn shows the champion’s seducing the watcher down a dark path through the jungle, mixing in her standard appearance with a more sinister style.Evelynn ReworkEve’s teaser isn’t last long, but it still allows players to get a pretty good feel for whatever come up with the updated champion. Her travelling throughout the jungle paths is a pretty solid indication that she’ll still be right at home there, though players will definitely take her into other lanes as well after her update is out.

In addition to the common gameplay, Evelynn’s also using her innovative abilities to take down enemies, some of which look familiar and other to be brand new appearance.

Eve’s stealth is a core part of the champion that her mains have been hoping to see the result of as teaser is out in brief, it gives a short look at her reworked stealth ability.

Instead of her brighter colours that she carries in her foundational appearance, Evelynn appears to become fully black and purple when stealthier. Whether it’ll be kept as her submissive ability or moved to another spot that remains to be seen, perhaps still as a passive, players can possible expecting more interaction and effects to come from her stealth this time around.

Aside from her stealth mechanic, the teaser shows that appears to be the rest of Evelynn’s abilities, though with everything moving so fast, it’d be easy to miss what’s going on.

First and leading, Eve’s spam attack, Hate Spike, is back. The video shows her piercing champions with the move about over and over, so while it likely won’t control the same way that it does now – perhaps it’s on more of a recharging “ammo” system — that move is definitely recurring.

In addition to that move, it looks like Evelynn might now have charm ability as well. The heart appears over enemies’ head multiple times, when fighting Eve, and they certainly don’t seem like they’re attacking her during the duration, instead basically moving towards her.

Along with her more abilities that Eve seems to have post-rework, it also looks as though she has a back stepping ability along with a new revamped action.

Shown during the trailer, Eve appears to flash over a wall judging from the sounds and particles, but after striking Renekton, she safely returns to the jungle boundary. This ability might give Eve a bit more mobility than merely a speed boost, but since she doesn’t appear to have any other dashes or mobility moves, its unclear how it’ll work or what the restrictions are on jumping back to her previous mark.

But end of the trailer, we also got a look at what seems to be eve’s new ultimate considering how much it involves. Jumping up in the air and using her two bladed tendrils are coming out of her back; Eve looks to be able to strike champions independently or in groups, taking on three at a time with her arcing attacking.

The trailer also confirmed that Evelynn’s rework would be releasing in Patch 7.20, so look for it then with an ability breakdown coming even sooner.


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