Logo Designing

Logo designing is apparently one of the leading assets for an organization that helps a brand to create its identity and also make recognition in the world. With the rising demand and popularity of the logo designing industry, there had been some fables that have become a part of the society as well. Let’s have a deeper look these funny folklores and get aware of the facts about logo designing.

  1. A Logo Design Can Be Random

A logo design needs proper planning before it goes through the development phase. The designer and their clients needed to discuss the possibilities that can work out for the company or brand before they finalize the design and create it, and there are so many other aspects that are needed to be kept in mind while planning a logo design.

  1. A Logo Must Be Created Using a Symbol

It is believed by many people that if the logo design consists of the symbolic shape, then there is a more chance that it will get popular and create a good image for the company. There are other things that make the logo design acceptable in the market, and it really doesn’t matter if any brand or company selects the symbolic logo design or any other types of logo design.

  1. It Should Be Timeless!

Some companies have this thought that once the logo has been created it should be unchanged for eternity. In real life, it will be only a joke to have a thought like that, as new trends and techniques are introduced after every while, and they continuously kept changing it will be very difficult to keep the logo intact for the lifetime. Such an act will only going to show that how a brand loves to stay backward and outdated.

  1. It Must Look Complex

Another one of the myth that revolves around is that if the logo design will look complicated, it will show the efforts of the designer and the client who has planned it. Such thought itself is a big misguidance. It should be kept in mind while designing a logo that complex designs are very challenging for the audience or consumers to understand. Once they will find difficulty in apprehending anything they will astray to the other option, and since there are countless competitors waiting to grab other’s customers, it will not be a problem for them to make them their client.

  1. It Is Necessary to Show a Hidden Message In the Design

Some companies have this thought that it is very important to display some hidden message in the logo design, whereas, it is untrue to some extent. There are some renowned brands that are very popular among the people, and they have a very simple logo design that does not say anything. So there is really no need to include any message in the logo design.

  1. A logo Must Reflect the Nature of the Industry

It is true that a logo design must have the colors in it that are according to the color psychology and geometrical shape theory in order to say the right thing about the brand, but it surely does not mean that it has to be designed in a way that shows nature of the organization. The best example of this saying to be a myth is the logo design of Apple Inc., as it has a logo design that looks nothing related to the tech industry.

  1. It Is Alright to Use Clipart or Stock Art Images

Some logo designers, especially the rookie ones, have this thought that if anything is challenging to create, it would be a better option to use the clipart or stock art image or prop in the design to get rid of the entire process of designing it. Including images from the clipart library is the worst practice for the logo designers. Logo designers are hired and supposed to design the entire logo design.

  1. Logo Designing Cost You a Fortune

There are so many logo designing studios and professional logo designers that offers the most affordable logo designers services for everyone. We are not living in the age where arranging the right tools and other stuff for creating the logo design is challenging. Everything has become so convenient that it does not cost much to get a perfect logo design for the company or brand.

  1. A Logo Is Everything to Take the Business to Dizzying Heights

Some brands think that if they create a very ravishing logo design, it will help to cover up the lack of quality that they provide in their product or service. However, it would be a big mistake to only rely on the logo design, because in this world, where everyone is in the competition with others, consumers prefer the quality as well. So, it is important to have a nice logo along with the quality to offer.

  1. Logo Designing Is a Piece of Cake

People who can’t do anything make tales and believe it until someone burst the bubble. Of course, it is easy to create a logo design for an expert logo designer, but for a person who doesn’t know a thing about logo designing it would be a hectic job even to create a simple logo design. It needs a lot of training and experience to be able to create a logo instantly, and in spite of that, it is even difficult some time to handle a few challenging cases.

Wrapping Up

After learning the myths that are discussed above, one might have this thought that some of the knowledge that they have about logo designing is not even true, and the reality is far off from what they have been believing up till yet. You can relish the facts that you have learned about the logo designing today and share it with your friends to correct the myths they have been believing till now!


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