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Do you always find yourself wasting your time sorting out piles of emails? About 4 billion people in the world use emails as a primary source of communication. Also, an average working individual receives 121 emails per day. Sorting out emails can be tiring. Don’t sweat your time in organizing and reading emails! Take the shortcut! Some well-known email management apps will help you manage inbox. Mailman is the best email management app. You can solve all your problems related to email management by seeking the help of Mailman.  Read this blog to know more about the Mailman email management app.

Why Is Mailman The Best Email Management App?

MAILMAN is the best app for email management. It was founded by entrepreneurs Andrew Wilkinson and Mohit Mamoria. Mohit Mamoria is the co-founder and current CEO of Mailman and Andrew Wilkinson is the founder of Mailman and also MetaLab. The mailman was launched in August 2020. Within a few months of its launch, Mailman received a good response from the public and gained popularity as the best app for email management.

MAILMAN is a subtle platform that helps in good email management. Also, Mailman is a simple and easy app to use in contrast to the other email management software. It helps us to attain inbox zero comfortably without creating chaos and security issues.

Benefits of Mailman- Best Email Management App

The sole purpose of this email management tool is to help you sort out emails and inbox data with its productivity tools and advanced filters which is described in detail below. 

  1. Avoid Distractions While Working:

Do you often get flabbergasted and disturbed from the chunks of emails you regularly receive throughout the day? Constant email notifications may disrupt your concentration and leave you stunned. To stop receiving annoying email notifications all day, the email management app, Mailman offers a DO NOT DISTURB feature. This feature enables you to manage your time efficiently by extinguishing the email notifications and switching them off for the time being. 

It allows you to set a time slot and holds back all your email notifications during that time. This is one of the best email management applications that make Mailman a good tool for time management. This ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ feature helps us keep our work life from intruding into our free time and thereby increase productivity in work.

  1. Contact As Per Your Convenience

Most working professionals and busy bees stick to a schedule to meet their deadlines and accomplish their goals. Having a schedule is one of the most effective time management techniques. In between your busy schedule, you can allot time to receive all your email notifications in one go. Mailman provides a specific tool or feature called DELIVERY SLOT, which updates your inbox feed according to the time slot you set. You can use the time, for example, twice a day to receive and manage all your inbox messages, sort out emails and reply to unread ones. 

Mailman’s ‘Delivery slot’ feature alerts you on the time you set. Till then, you can productively use your email-free time to concentrate more on work. This productivity management tool helps you increase concentration and thereby increase productivity and focus in work.

  1. Improve Your Inbox Experience

Often, we waste our valuable time scrolling and reading through unwanted emails in the inbox and later regret the time that we wasted on them. Such insignificant emails like unwanted subscriptions, newsletters, etc. can be managed effectively. UNLIMITED BLOCKING feature or tool of Mailman email management app is one of the best email management services that help you filter unwanted emails and stops them from crowding your inbox.

This feature of Mailman enables you to block unimportant emails. Mailman being the best email management app, helps save your time over reading these minor emails that do not require your attention at all. It blocks off the unwanted sender once and for all. It also helps you maintain inbox zero by clearing the unwanted trash and thereby upgrading your inbox’s reading experience.

Usually, when you give an email management app permission to manage your email account, many email management apps tend to monitor and keep an eye on your linked contacts, collaborations and interactions. This may make you feel your privacy getting invaded. Many people may feel unsafe and be hesitant to use it. Mailman, one of the safest email management software reads only the sender’s subject, address, checksum, and the specific date and time of the email communication. This makes Mailman a secure and perfectly safe email management app to use. It does not store any data and provides you with your own space for safe and proper communication. It also allows you the option of permanently deleting your data in just one click.

  1. Alerts For Vip Contacts

Like the Do Not Disturb tool for time management that was mentioned above, Mailman provides another such tool to make sure that nothing slips through from your horizons, and you can make the best out of any opportunity you get. While in the ‘do not disturb mode’, there exist some critical messages that you can miss some moments.

 The VIP LIST TOOL allows you to choose only those important email messages and conversations which you can’t afford to miss at any cost. And you’ll get notifications and alerts from them even when you’re doing some other work or somewhere else. You’ll also never miss an update and save your time too while using this the best email management app. This tool manages and brings your meaningful collaborations and email messages into focus and thereby saves your time by not alerting you with unnecessary emails using.

  1. Available At Affordable Prices

Mailman has the best email management applications that offer competent services. You may feel a little reluctant seeing the prices but handling emails according to every individual’s interests is not an easy task, Mailman provides all-round email management services that people usually can’t do independently. But, compared to other email management apps, Mailman provides the best email management services at relatively lower costs and also gives us the best subscriptions with their prices ranging from $10 per month to $8 per month if you pay every year. You can also use Mailman freely for a period of 21 days to check its credibility and effectiveness.

Exclusive features of Mailman

Mailman provides one more pleasant productivity factor, which most of the email management applications don’t have. We can personalize the features and tools according to our convenience. Mailman does provide us with significant advantages by offering us good time management and productivity tools. Still, it is in our hands to make proper use of the email management app. 

Mailman helps you effectively manage emails and your time with its email management applications. Mailman even allows you to customize the features and gives you a uniquely user-friendly experience. It also provides you with its best tools, and subsequently, you will learn to utilize your time effectively. Save your time and increase productivity in work quickly achieved through this best email management app, Mailman.

Why Mailman:

  1. Features set that we have no other products have in the market:Our features are extremely unique and no other provider gives you a complete solution under one click. For example, the batch delivery system is unique to our platform; this gives you flexibility to choose your schedule at your convenience. 
  2. You don’t have to go away from your google ecosystem: With over 1.8 billion active Gmail users, we wanted to provide an email management software that does not require you to change your habits. Other players ask you to download their email management dashboards, however, with Mailman you can effectively manage too many emails within Google with just a few clicks.
  3. You don’t have to change your behavior – Humans are beings of habit and if we’re comfortable with something we want to stick to it. Our world today revolves around Google, with calendar, invites,meetings, and emails all interconnected, it’s strenuous to shift to an entirely new platform. Hence, mailman is the only solution that helps you reach inbox zero without asking you to change anything.


Some may have had a bad experience in using some of the apps for email management. But Mailman easily integrates with your Gmail and provides a coherent workflow. Just as people need to associate and team up with each other in a system to work, these different productivity tools align with each other and help in accelerating the app’s speed. Using Mailman and its email management tools and time management tools as per your understanding and brilliance will surely improve your work and help you increase your productivity factor. 


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