What is Programming
In computing, a program is a set of instructions for operation to perform by the computer. In 1945, John Von Neumann underlined that the set of instructions in sequence that computer follows one by one, which known as program. It happens when a program put into a storage area, which is accessible to the computer. Program is also a kind of special data that give command to the computer to operate specific operation. An interactive program gets data from the user and provides output according to their inputs.  A command prompt and web browser is an example of interactive program.
What is Programming
Programming is a technique that provides instructions to the computer to perform operation to get desired results. It is a process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, which provide instruction to the computer for executions. Computer programming is becoming necessity of the education and other systems as the internet continues to expanding its area.
Programming Language
Computer programming language is a machine language that designed to communicate instructions to a machine or system, mainly a computer. Programming languages used to control the behavior of a machine and to express algorithms. The most basic programming languages are using binary i. e. ‘1’ and ‘0’ that is computer can understand without using any interpreter. Some high level programming languages like C, C++, and Java are easy to make programs but needs an interpreter that help to make them interact with the computer.
As discussed before program is set of instructions, programming is a set of instructions to follow by the program and programming languages used to communicate between machine and program to control the behavior.
In amazon, warehouse robots are working for lifting products to the container. They are specially designed for perform that kind of work. If I will ask him to make a burger is that possible they can prepare for me.
The answer is no, because they are not programmed for doing such kind of work or they will not understand the command of user. For performing that task, we need to provide them instructions (Program) first and do programming and need to use programming language that helps them to interact with user.