Some users of PSN (Play Station Network) were unable to play PS4 games online play due to connectivity issues, but the issues have been resolved.

Sony says the PSN issues disturbing some users which have been resolved now, and the network is running up as normal. Bungie, in the meantime, says its Destiny 2 server connectivity issues also have been fixed.Play PS4 Games Online

It seems like PlayStation Network is experiencing issues globally for some users right now. At the time of storytelling, Sony’s network status page says, “You may have some difficulty launching games or online features.”

GameSpot was able to sign in to PSN, but reports on NeoGAF stated some of the users are struggling to either sign in or play PS4 games online. Sony states, “Our team of engineers are working to resolve the issue Asap (as soon as possible), and we appreciate your patience.” Other services, including Account Management, PlayStation Video, and Store, are apparently working as normal.

It’s ambiguous whether the issues are associated to problems with some Destiny 2 players were experiencing on PS4 in the past few hours. The giant multiplayer game launched yesterday and will likely be causing an arrival of players on to both PSN and Xbox Live. Developer Bungie’s latest update reads, “Investigations for this issue are still in the process.”

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