When it came out in October 2016, the Sony PlayStation VR headset did not exactly smash us: It was looking nice and modern, but it’s tracking method and move controllers missing a lot to be desired.

Sony has a new edition of its PlayStation VR headset will be launched later this month that will include a few minor but useful changes to the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality hardware. The brand new model, CUH-ZVR2, quality a “slimmer, streamlined” connection cable and integration of stereo headphone cables straight into the headset.

Eliminating the sting point of having to cut off the headset in order to watch HDR on the PS4

The hardware change will also come with a new edition of the Processor Unit, the escaping box that connects a PlayStation VR to a PS4, which supports HDR pass throughout. Earlier, in order to use HDR-compatible features on a PS4 or PS4 Pro, PlayStation VR owners had to separate the Processor Unit.

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The new Processor Unit model is unsuited with the original PlayStation VR headset, Sony noticed. “Because the cables of CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2 are unlike, you cannot exchange the Processor Units,” Sony said in a FAQ on the new Sony PlayStation VR headset.

The covering for PlayStation VR will transform “slightly” — the model number will be written on the box — when the new model is released by Sony.

Sony supposed to announce the release date for the new PlayStation VR revision at a later date. The hardware upgrade will hit in the Japan later this month on Oct. 14. Pricing for the new hardware, which lately got a price drop, will stay the same.

The new VR headset will logically be compatible with all PSVR content available so far, however you won’t be able to simply exchange the processing unit of your existing headset to get the same functionality, owing to the variation in cables.

Here’s a first look at some of the new VR hardware and packaging changes from the CUH-ZVR1 model to the CUH-ZVR2 model as follows:

Sony PlayStation VR Headset
Sony Interactive Entertainment
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  1. My son has decided his next gaming system is going to be a Sony Playstation. He would love one with VR. He and my husband are totally into the new VR gaming. They have new computers coming that will be able to use it and are so excited.

  2. Virtual reality is definitely becoming all the rage these days! So many opportunities to make video games more exciting! I tried it once at a comicon and loved it! Very life-like

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