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Future of Dressingvideo

The Future of Getting Dressed – AI, VR and Smart Fabrics

Getting dressed with Augmented Reality, AI Cher Horowitz's secret from the film "Clueless" had an innovative computer system that helped her put together outfits. Back in 1995, the concept teased what it...
Google Poly

Google Launched AR and VR 3D Object Library Called Poly

As Google builds platforms like ARCore and Daydream VR that allow users to step into virtual worlds or put virtual scenes within their phone’s field-of-view, there’s a big responsibility on game...
Virtual Realityvideo

Watch: Your Brain in Virtual Reality

Dive head first into the neuroscience and psychology of Virtual Reality (VR).
Google Daydream VRvideo

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+Now Support Daydream View VR

Google's headset currently costs half as much as a Gear VR. With the support of Oculus and lot of apps, Samsung’s Gear VR is already an amazing Virtual Reality headset for Galaxy...
VR Gamesvideo

Experiencing The New Oculus Rift VR +Touch $399 – Summer Deals

Summer of Rift is wholeheartedly celebrating the VR community and encouraging new people to get in the game. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Oculus Rift VR + Touch are now available at...

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