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Star Wars Battlefront II Castvideo
In advance of Star Wars Battlefront II's release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, EA has shared a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer that offers fans a mock of the game's single-player campaign. EA has released another trailer of Star Wars Battlefront II. Watch the video that offers a glimpse at one of those scenes from the game's single-player...
Japanese School Girl Game Released Yesterday, Blue Reflection is a discovery of the relationships young women create and the growth that comes from sharing personal experiences with friends, all in the form of a stylish magical girl role-playing game. The game beats the hell out of ninjas in bikinis with water guns. It’s extremely strange that couple of weeks for...
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go players only have a few days to catch Raikou, Entei, or Suicune. Those three legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver will be only available in their current region from this September 29, after which they'll move on to a different branch of the world. Dissimilarly the earlier Legendary Pokemon that has appeared in Pokemon Go, only from...
Evelyn Reworkvideo
In a quick release following the champion teaser for League of Legends Evelynn previously on Saturday, a mystery trailer for the champion’s rework is already revealed previews some of the shadowy assassin’s abilities. The champion trailer moves quickly though, and while it doesn’t break down all of her creature abilities and their descriptions, spectators can get a pretty good feel...
Some users of PSN (Play Station Network) were unable to play PS4 games online play due to connectivity issues, but the issues have been resolved. Sony says the PSN issues disturbing some users which have been resolved now, and the network is running up as normal. Bungie, in the meantime, says its Destiny 2 server connectivity issues also have been...

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