Web Designing
Web Designing is totally depends upon user experience and interaction. How we adopt the changes and getting engagement. Mobile devices and trend towards responsive website design push designers to search ways to maximize web experiences for everyone, no matter size of device that are using. There are some listed trends for designing website in 2016 as follows:

Evolution of Microinteractions

Microinteraction is product mainly designed by using single user case. Every time you change the setting of your devices, password protection, login, and setting a status message or favorite is “like” something, you are engaging with a microinteraction. Microinteraction is everywhere even in our mobile phones and desktops are embedded in the environment we live and work. Some great examples of microinteractions as follows:

  •  Device connection
  •  Control Music Volume Using Devices.
  •  Settings Adjustments
  •  Creative Status Messagesh
  • The Structure of MicroInteractions
  • Trigger -> Rules-> Feedback->> Loops & Modes

Cards Designing

We all are familiar with the efficiency of cards before long digital design. The idea is that almost streamlined single topic into an organised manner into a single container. Card based designing allowing sites to organised large amount of content into digestible pieces. Card layout can easily recognise themselves to different mock ups and perfect for responsive design. The main purpose is to design card layout is easy to organising multiple ideas into a comprehensive format, but each card only represent an ideas.

Minimalist DesignsMinimalist Website Templates

Content is a King and Conversion is Queen

Minimalist design defined as simple basic, stripped of superfluous elements, colors, shapes, and textures. The prime focus in minimalist design is to blowing content that is implementing into images. It is very beneficial for reducing load speed of website and provide sophisticated environment to the visitors.

Flat and Hybrid Material Design

Material design invented by Google, which is based on layered design and simple interface. Flat design is a simple alternative to skeuomorphism developed to facilitate earlier launched smartphone devices. It has generally known as flat design 2.0, the hybrid styles contemplate the modern aesthetic design of flat design, and that layered of material design. Material design approach makes desktop and mobile users to fill quick and effortless browsing experience.

Rich Animations

Rich animation used to increase interaction of users with storytelling and info graphics with small flash. You can use HTML5, Canvas, or SVG, both supported in all major modern browsers, and both frame animated with JS. Canvas has an amazing performance in smaller areas with many elements and SVG is better for larger areas with least elements.


Web designing trends is changing every quarter and all not impactful as usual. Because each business is different, so it is better to understand first need to business, products and then design website according to it. I am just covering topics that are most viable in website design trends in 2016.
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