2000+ Sexy Halloween Costumes from $5.39 at PinkQueen.com!Hey techies and readers, it’s Halloween time and if you haven’t gotten your Halloween costumes yet, we have some suggestions for you.

  1. Steve Urkel: This 1990s icon is the stereotypical essence of the geek. But glasses, suspenders, and hitched up pants are all you need to pull it off. Ultimately, Urkel got the girl, so there’s hope for all of us.
  2. Astronaut: Technology and the space have gone hand in hand since the 1950s. To enhance the costume, carry Tang around. See there, if anybody under age 30 understands.
  3. Any Big Bang Theory Character: You can also get Sheldon’s ‘Great American Hero’ T-shirt online for $25. That t-shirt individually should be a clear giveaway. The Periodic table t-shirt works well too.
  4. Neo from Matrix: This Matrix leader’s costume is quite simple. Dress in all black, including the glasses and long coat, and a belt with plaything weapons would make a great touch. As far as those cool moves and the blue pill vs. red pill, we can’t help you with that.
  5. Dr. Who: A staple of pop society for over 50 years, a suit, bow tie, and British accent should pull it off. Maybe this one’s a bit too easy.
  6. Any Robot: A little famous ones like Robocop, Transformers, and Wall-E come to mind for costumes. Who remembers the 1980s TV sitcom Small Wonder? Again, see if anybody under 30 will get it now.
  7. A Walking Computer: This technical move takes a lot of effort to pull off, but from costume contests I’ve attended in years past, it’s all worth it.
  8. Aliens: Again, you can go anywhere with this costume. Go as an X-Files alien. Go as the alien that terrorized Sigourney Weaver. Walk off as Marvin the Martian on Bugs Bunny. But my favorite alien is The Twilight Zone’s ‘To serve up Man. “It’s a cookbook!”
  9. Any Star Wars character: This doesn’t need to be explained. We all get it from the series.
  10. Any Star Trek character: Bring the next Star Trek gathering to your Halloween party or trick or treat venture. Come on, you know you want to in the gathering. This is the time a year you unleash your inner Star Trek without being well thought-out…well… a geek.

Which costumes did I miss?
2000+ Sexy Halloween Costumes from $5.39 at PinkQueen.com!


  1. I would definitely go for a Sheldon (except I don’t look like him). My choice this year was Ziggy Stardust (with flash tattoo and a guitar). 🙂

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