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I have an acknowledgment to make money online: when it comes to my job, I do some side projects. I know, you’re probably irritable, “who has the time?” By my side projects have helped me to grow as a professional and an individual, they’ve 3x my income. That’s right: tripled.

Although previously, as a Creative Director, I dedicated about 35 hours a week on top of my day job to developing web and mobile apps. That knowledge made me realize I wanted to focus my work on making digital products. After a year, I landed a job an app designing and only a few freelance gigs later, I earned 3x of the amount I had made in my earlier position.Make Money OnlineI’ve found that, when conversation with the other people, they frequently have projects they would love to take on, but when it comes to dedicating to take themselves outside of their nine-to-five, they easily drop steam and don’t spot their projects through. If that’s you, then you’re really missing out — side projects that can help you grow, both personally and professionally. Here’s how:

Find Your Passion

When the weekend’s ended, do you leap into the office with the passionate “Happy Monday!” for your colleagues? It’s really dreadful to me, but around 51 percent of Americans don’t feel occupied by their work. If that’s you, then taking on a side projects can help you determine what you’re really passionate about, whether that’s writing content, designing websites, apps, or blogging.

So when you begin, must have the right approach. These projects need sacrificing, but they also help us recognize ourselves. Maybe that thing you thought you’d love doing really doesn’t fulfil you, or maybe you’ll feel so passionate you’ll think about changing careers. There is a only way to find out is to try. So don’t wait in anticipation of you’re retired!

Learn Innovative Skills

Once you perpetrate to a project, hurdles predictably come up, some of which might seems impossible at first. Most of these are realistic ones, innovative skills and knowledge that you need but you don’t have. When I started, I was a skilled designer but didn’t know much about user experience design (UX). I took online courses, read books, went to networking summit, and reached out to UX designers for mentorship.

Learning skills required an investment of not just time but dollars too, and for some that expenditure becomes another reason to discontinue. But don’t think this is money wastage. The skills that I acquired while pursuing side projects have built my CV and since they directly helped me get the job opportunity that, I have today, that more than makes up for their cost. According to Warren Buffett, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

Master Time Management

When you first get going on, you’ll most likely feel you don’t have enough time in the day. But it’s actually quite easy to adjust a few things in your lifestyle to offer you an extra hours you need.

Some of a favourite alike I order my groceries from online shop, ride a bike to work so as to unite my commute and workout, stay away from hangovers by drinking less alcohol, check my email only twice a day and have a very light dinner to have the energy, I need in the sunset to work on my side projects. This could be sounds boring, but everyone says, I free up 15 hours a week. Be creative and turn this into a game — you’ll realize it makes you very happy to victory over time-wasting chores!

In addition to finding an extra hours in the day, prioritize the things you have to do. Every time you do something you do routinely decide not to do another task, so decide creation over consumption and start working more effectively.

Be a Leader

Side projects insist that you figure out how to make things work on your own, without putting you in a boss direction. When I first put together a team to develop software, I had to learn how to hire people remotely or physically, address sensitive problems, and lead them effectively.

Very quickly, I understood my strengths in these areas and, most importantly, my weaknesses as well. With the help of books, I honed my skills and got the job. Now, I’m not only a team leader in my day job even, I am confident that I could run a business on my own.

Network Authentically

As we get older it becomes more difficult to go beyond on our instant social circle, but side projects give the perfect opportunity to meet new people. You’ll need to be more social, if you need help in finishing a project. This kind of authentic networking is a great technique to find friends, but it has important and very real professional advantages as well. In the course of my work on an app, for example, I have to meet with a developer. Then I teamed up with for an app project. It was through him a year later that I landed my first gig as Lead App Designer.

Taking on a side project can be frightening, because it’s a serious time dedication to a new and challenging task. Yet every time we face insecurity, we grow, and that’s often when our pay check grows as well. Hold the uncertainty of starting something new. Not trying is the only way you’re sure to fail. And if you’re looking for a sign to get started — well, here it is to get started.

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  1. The time management trips me up every single time. I’ve got to learn to manage it so I can at least start doubling my income. I need a course in just that, lol.

  2. Finding the time can be difficult at first. But once this few minutes are converted into a little extra cash, it truly makes you realize the other things can be combined as you said with commuting on your bike. This is an amazing post and i will be implementing it into my life! Thank you.

  3. Side jobs are a great way to make and extra income or just some fast cash. I am always telling my kids to take all the side jobs they can get, it’ll ad up!

  4. I work full time and I also blog on the side. But fortunately blogging has allowed me to make a little side income as well. It’s hard to find the time to do both, but if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Great tips!

  5. Time management and networking are so crucial to the ability to earn a living doing what you love. I recently started freelance writing full-time and while I cannot yet claim to cover all the household expenses with it, I am covering my half of things and doing considerably better than I was in the past. Many of these tools you described were part of that. This is sound advice.

  6. Between a full time job, a 15 month old kid and an Etsy shop I don’t have time for nothing else. Extra income is never bad though.

  7. This is really super helpful tips! I’ve been currently learning how to code HTML. I will definitely be taking these tips to heart and keep them in mind as I balance work, blogging an learning HTML.

  8. I’m currently looking for an extra income and this is a good help. There is a tight competition between freelancers online, though. But I’m completely confident I’ll find one.

  9. It takes time and dedication to turn your dreams into reality. There’s so much perceived security in having a full-time job. But it also takes so much of your energy and time, that’s hard to have anything left to pursue your dreams. But if you have them, I agree with you that you must pursue them. It takes a lot of time and energy at first, but once you build momentum and don’t quit, before long, you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. thanks for the help I want my blog to be the best and I would love to earn the most money from it I can as well. The tips you shared were very helpful and some I will start doing asap. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are really great tips! I think that it’s important to fight for our dreams and sacrifice when needed to make them come true. Doing something that you love and earning some extra money is worth all the sacrifices you have made.

  12. I, for one, have been doing side projects in addition to my main job and I love it! It took me a while to manage my time but the calendar really helped me a lot.

  13. Really great post Rahul! I think mastering my time management has been the biggest thing in helping me in my pursuit of an outside income. If it weren’t for my ability to keep many things in play at once I don’t think I would be able to do half of what I do now.

  14. I love the tips in this great post. Having a side project that I am passionate about would definitely be fun, and the ability to earn extra income from the project sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I’ve been trying to do side jobs but it’s really hard to keep up with everything simultaneously with the workload I have at my job. Too bad since projects really do pay well.

  16. Aside from my day job and blogging, i also acceot consulting works with brands which is also helpful in adding my income. Being creative and continous learning helps a lot.

  17. I could certainly stand to increase my income (who couldn’t!). My problem right now is that I took a job that leaves me with zero amount of free time, no joke. Working on managing my time better.

  18. It’s so impressive that you could triple your income by overtaking some side projects and still manage to keep up with your full-time job. However, those innovative skills or time management are not something easy to achieve. I’m now still a student, but I have planned to enjoy multiple jobs at the same time while pursuing university education in order to challenge myself, and figure out my true desire in life. thanks for your tips!

  19. Side projects can really increase your income plus give you the benefit of doing things you always wanted to do. The best investment is indeed yourself I believe. It is so important to find your passion and not to give up on yourself. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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