Web Design
I was pretty excited when i came up with an idea of determining and showcasing some of the most popular beer and alcohol related website designs from a number of countries across the globe. After all who don’t like odd drink now and again? (Well, besides me – I also can’t stand with alcohol in any form.) Surely this would make for an interesting blog that would extract quite a few comments. That’s why I am here about to discussing the facts about alcohol how it can be better for web design. Alcohol doesn’t make a lot of
“Top 10” for being beneficial for health. But alcohol in all of its common forms – wine, beer, liquor actually bringing some unexpected benefits like strong heart, stroke, cardiovascular death, improved morality, sharper brains, and uninhibited creativity.
I have included – due to problems related to websites usability, typography, and accessibility that are the apparent beauty present on many websites related to alcohol related industries. My analysis is to inspire modern day designers and developers to avoid imitating the outermost design and development techniques employed by the web professionals. But I just won’t focused on negative here are some positive things mentions about how web design can be better with alcohol.
Better Ideas
Bringing ideas is one of the most crucial parts of web design. If you don’t have any idea about the project you want to accomplish then you cannot design. Designing is something that you have to done with blank paper and then implement using technical skills. If you start with directly design then you will be overwhelmed with the process. To stay focused on this you can take a sip of beer or any other normal drink if you are intended in that form.
Nervousness kills your ideas
Nervousness kills your ideas and you will be blank. If you are nervous while working on web project then liquor can be helpful. Do you have an important presentation with clients regarding project? According to recent research Dutch courage would be very good idea a small mug of beer can help you to remove your nervousness.
Improves mental health to get rid of work load
If you are a designer or a developer you may have more pressure when clients in hurry for his/her project development. Study says moderate consumption of alcohol might reduce dementia. So, to reduce the risk of one day going mad, especially if you have a high pressure job, alcohol is in order like marketing, sales, and software programming.
Longer Life
In recent years, more sleep studies found that late night work and night shift correlate to everything from depression to early death.  On the other hand peoples who sleep late are actually smarter and creative. So, if you are a designer or a developer than sleeping late night it’s your hobby, because nights are more productive than day. Alcohol will help you to stay focused on your work while working in night shift but in moderated amount. 
Brain Protection
Working with IT industry is required full dedication and passion. So, there are lots of programmers and developers are losing their brain controls while working on hierarchy projects. Then ‘Cheers for beer’ can be helpful for those peoples. In 2015, research shows that a fusion found in beer called xanthohumol could protect brain cells from damaging, thus slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson Disease.
Boost your creativity with Vodka
Next time when you are working on a project, grab a cocktail. According to study from consciousness and Cognition vodka can help you to boost your creative juices flowing. In a seminar of scientists gave a group of men drinking vodka until their blood alcohol reached 0.75 percent while other group stayed sober and then asked them to solve puzzles while watching movie. The men who boozed won the game 3x faster than sobers. So, it really works to boost your creativity.Same you can do with the designs of website UI and UX for better user interaction.
Web Design and Development is quite tricky and you need to be more proactive to get better results with your creative approach. Moderated amount of alcohol can help you to boost your creative skills to increase market presences in virtual and physical world. if you are in designing field you always have to stay ahead in web designing trends.