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Invalid JPEG Marker Type

How to Fix Invalid JPEG Marker Type That Doesn’t Open in Photoshop?

When you open an image in Invalid JPEG Marker Type error in Photoshop, one of the following errors occurs: Could not complete your request because...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

New cloud-friendly Adobe Lightroom Has 1TB of Photo Storage, Same UI across Mobile and...

For the time being, the desktop-based Adobe Lightroom CC Classic will continue to be developed. In Adobe MAX conference, Adobe announced a huge shake-up for its Adobe Lightroom photo processing application. The...
Make Money Online

How to Triple Your Income with Side Projects?

I have an acknowledgment to make money online: when it comes to my job, I do some side projects. I know, you’re probably irritable, “who has the time?” By my side...
YouTube Logovideo

YouTube Has a New Look and, for the First Time, a New Logo

From the last 12 years, YouTube’s logo has been a pair of anachronisms covered inside each other. “We have the tube word placed in a tube,” says Christopher Bettig, the head...

How To Have A Fantastic Bootstrap Development With Minimal Spending?

Bootstrap's grid process is extremely responsive, flexible, and is currently optimized for the creation of mobile-first design. It is responsive. Answer Bootstrap grid system stipulates the fastest and simplest approach to...
Web Designing

Top 5 Web Designing Trends 2016

Web Designing is totally depends upon user experience and interaction. How we adopt the changes and getting engagement. Mobile devices and trend towards responsive website design push designers to search ways...


Apache vs Nginx: Discover Which One is Better

Introduction Apache and Nginx both are the most common open source web servers. Together, both web servers are responsible for serving over 50% of traffic...


Java Basics

Basics of Java Programming


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