Google is all set to launch its next version of Android 8.0 and its developer preview may rolled out as it’s expected in mid-July. While the final version of Android O won’t launch until sometime very soon, we can expect that, Google will reveal its official Android O name very soon. As it’s always suspense on Android version name likely Android Nougat was revealed in June 2016.Android-8-or-Android-O

So, what would be called the next version of Android O Oreo, Oatmeal or Something like that? Most people seem to think it will be called Android Oreo, because Google is almost setting a record on Android series with the name of sweet products. As its Android 4.4 Kitkat, after all and thorough it comes in partnered with the KitKat chocolate bars in stores all around the world. We all expect that Oreo should be next version of Android.

Oatmeal Cookie is an obvious choice in that. In fact, Google is using this as an internal Android 8.0 codename, though internal codenames usually differ from community names. As a reminder, Android L was Lemon Meringue Pie, Android 4.4 was codenamed Key Lime Pie, and Android N was codenamed New York Cheesecake.

What do you think Android O should be named? My money’s on Oreo, though it really could be anything (the last thing I expected for Android N was Nutella but unfortunately it was Nougat). Cast your vote in the poll, and speak up in the comments if your option isn’t represented below.

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